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520 kr

A earring back in matt silver cutout by hand. This is a bottom part of earring and it is possible to make your own combination with top parts. Please note this is hanging part of earring for one single ear. You need to have Makiami top parts to set to your ear. If you would like to order a pair, please set quantity to 2.

Measurement: about 30mm x 15mm

The front of part is decided from your other order by Makiami to create good balance, but if you have specific preference for direction, please let us know with e-mail on the same day you order.

You will receive your jewellery in a special Makiami box. It is a perfect wooden box to keep your jewelry safe and can also be used as a gift box. Please leave a comment if you wish us to add a ribbon for a special gift feeling!

All items are made by hand in our studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Each piece is unique and inevitable variations may occur.

Prices do not include VAT, shipping or airport charges.